About Us

Care Philosophy:
Our practice of psychiatry treats the patient as a whole, focusing on the integration and health of both mind and body in a holistic manner.

We provide consultations at various locations including the office at 111 Dean Drive, Tenafly, New Jersey 07670, Telephone: (201) 568-8288 and at about thirty additional locations throughout the Northeastern New Jersey and neighboring New York areas.

We offer private independent living, assisted living, nursing home and hospital rehabilitation step-down consultation visits. We will see you privately in your apartment or room in the facility. Visits are confidential. All coordination of care is taken care of appropriately with great sensitivity to privacy.

Dr. Friedman’s Manhattan Practice is located at two convenient locations:
His West side office is at 310 West 72nd Street New York, NY 10023. Telephone: (212) 877-3999. Visit the website: upperwestsidenypsychiatry.com, for more information. His East side office is at 440 East 79th Street New York, NY 10021. Telephone: (212) 877-3999. Visit the website: uppereastsidenypsychiatry.com, for more information.


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