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Take Control and Overcome Your Depression

Depression is characterized by an overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness, usually due to a combination of biochemical and environmental triggers. Depression can arise in response to a particularly distressing event or as a more general expression of the condition. It is commonly comorbid with anxiety. Symptoms of depression include: irritability and depressed mood reduced self esteem mood swings ideas of self harm physical, mental and emotional heaviness or weariness reduced energy feelings of loneliness or isolation excessive nervousness lack of motivation or purpose loss of interest in activities pessimistic thoughts disturbed sleep diminished appetite If left untreated, depression can lead to serious physical complications. If you feel distressed and down with lost control of your life, you might be one of millions of Americans nationwide suffering from depression. Please consider seeking professional medical help for any need

Understanding Anxiety (Your Anxiety is Not You)

Anxiety is characterized by crippling worries and repetitive or obsessive intrusive thoughts. These interfere with peace of mind and negatively impact quality of life. If you find yourself overtaken by an unreasonable level of fear you may be one of millions suffering from anxiety. Anxiety can be over past, present, or future situations and can even be experienced with no conscious connection to a specific source. While anxiety can certainly fall within the 'normal' range, an overactive mind that interferes with everyday living can be a sign of a neurological chemical imbalance. You shouldn't have to live your life paralyzed by your mind, and you don't have to. We at Tenafly Psych are committed to helping you achieve balance and serenity. Your wellbeing is our priority , and we will work with you to create an individualized healing plan so that you can live the rest of your life feeling your best. We specialize in both Western and Eastern modalities of treat